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This field of photography is a kind of relaxation for the photographer. Certainly, only when he is aware and arrives on the spot at the right time. It is also the favourite of many amateur and hobby photographers. Providing flawless quality is one of the biggest challenges in this field. Catching the perfect sight in urban and nature photography, which impresses the viewer, is not an everyday task. It is not only a task but a joyful activity as well. Wandering around the streets and squares of the city or trying to find the perfect shoot in the nature, thinking about the technical implementation of the picture are all the part of the completeness that the photographer can experience this way. Whenever I have the opportunity, I choose this form of relaxation. The atmosphere of my photos might be in contrast with happiness, as it is mostly the dramatically cloudy sky which appears in them. The powerful image of clouds gives new spaces and forms to the compositions. thus making the dramatic effects visible.    

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