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Portrait photography? It's quite common. Just recall your latest regular ID photo and that is the perfect reason why I feel I have to share some of my thoughts about it as a photographer. Nowadays it's necessary to have some attractive photos of ourselves maybe for a job application if we want to be successful in our lives. We tend not to take it "tooseriously" and we try to choose the perfect photo from our home photos which were taken with the digital family camera. Although we prepared for the photo, we also got the perfect angle, we did our hair, still, that nasty shadow remained behind the ears... My point is that with a little practice these mistakes can easily be eliminated. Have a professional portfolio made and you will see how useful it is. I strongly advise it to everybody, both women and men. Portfolio photography is viable in many fields of everyday life. Families, couples, friends require in- or outdoor photoshoots just to have a professional documentation of certain stages of their lives. On the other hand, there are other aspects of portofolio photography. It is the photographer’s task to recognize and show what is nice, graceful, sexy, characteristic, charming or even charismatic. A photoshoot with professional models requires the expertese of a professional photographer: skills, experience and professional equipments. He has to understand the lights and shades and he has to know how the different shapes behave in different lighting. The photographer's job is to help the model to act as natural as possible. To do that, the photographer needs to be diplomatic and with a good sense of humour. Great portfolio photography requires not only the model and the photographer. A makeup artist, a hairdresser or a stylist are really helpful. They make the magic and help the model to be ready to be photographed. With an effective staff like ours at fotomat.com, youcan be sure that the final result will be impressive!

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