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Gastro fotózás - válogatás a legjobb fotókból

Gastronomy is a kind of art. A gastro photographer -if you prefer food photographer- has to handle this form of art in accordance with its sensitivity. Despite the special demands, gastro photography cannot be handled as art for art's sake, in most cases the final goal is a menu card or advertising material. Just like in the case of product photography emphasising the spectacle of food is in focus here, too. Not only various and adjusted light settings but also manipulating with the 'object' being photographed can help to get the perfect spectacle. Coming up with the simplest example- the greatest form of culinary art can also look absolutely stale and wilted when salt is used the cooking process. Certainly, it is only one of the tricks a food photographer should be aware of and- when it is needed- should also use. In order to get a perfect final product, being able to cooperate with the chef is highly important and it also calls for considerable diplomacy. Food photos have to be the same as the original dish being served, which is mouth-watering, but twice as much spectacular. Keeping the original spectacle is crucial in this case in order to satisfy the needs of guests. In the field of gastro photography as well, high quality and care are worth being given the confidence.

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