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Capture the moment that will never return. Getting married is a unique event in life, so you will most probably need to hire a wedding photographer only once. At this very moment you are certainly not busy with thinking about what comes in life in some years' time, though very few things are better than reminiscing about the best moments of your wedding while thumbing through a hardcover photo book. It is one of the most important events of your lives and its long standing record requires an experienced, professional photographer. A good photographer not only clicks but also composes. The photographer has to tackle with the given qualities of the scene, various lights, unsettled weather conditions, yet our aim is definite, the most beautiful day of your lives and your best appearance needs to be captured. There so many people who are having a go at this field, who presume that an expensive camera or a single well-shot photo enables them to become a photographer but I suppose that the difference is striking even for a layman when comparing those pictures with the ones taken by a professional wedding photographer. Fotomat staff are able to work this out proving excellent quality. If quality and professionalism are crucial for you, we would love to take over the photography of your wedding, too. Feel free to call us. Couples oftes come up with special requests in case you are interested in them check the packages on the prices link. If you think you are unable to pick the most appropriate offer for yourselves, there are also personalised packages on request.

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